Tuition & Fees

Tuition & Fees for 2017-18 School Year

Application Fee
The Holy Cross application fee is $50 per application. Please include this non-refundable fee with your application and submit to the Director of Enrollment.

Registration Fee
An annual $300 non-refundable registration fee is assessed to our new families to secure their student’s enrollment for the school year.

Fees for International and Non-U.S. Citizen Applicants
Applicants who are not citizens of the United States and not sponsored by an agency will need to submit the non-refundable application fee of $50.  Upon acceptance, applicants are assessed a non-refundable $500 registration and processing fee that is payable when tuition is due.  Please note that this fee includes the annual $300 student registration fee.

Annual Tuition
Parishioner Discount: Holy Cross provides a tuition discount to our Catholic families. We do
so because the Catholic
churches, one of which you may regularly attend and financially support as “stewardship” family, offers an annual subsidy to Holy Cross School. In order to be considered for, and to remain on this lower parishioner tuition, the school asks that you submit the Practicing Catholic Stewardship Form that will be included in your offer of admission mailing.

Please Note: Customized tuition rates vary depending on Financial Aid and FACTS. Holy Cross works with every family to ensure affordable education for their child(ren).

Elementary School
Pre-K-5th grade:  $6350 (parishioner)  $7250 (non-parishioner)picture 26

Middle School
6th grade:   $6900 (parishioner)  $7800 (non-parishioner)

7th grade:   $7150 (parishioner)  $8050 (non-parishioner)

8th grade:   $7400 (parishioner)  $8300 (non-parishioner)

High School
9th grade:   $8350 (parishioner)  $9250 (non-parishioner)

10th grade: $8550 (parishioner)  $9450 (non-parishioner)

11th grade: $8750 (parishioner)  $9650 (non-parishioner)

12th grade: $8950 (parishioner)  $9850 (non-parishioner)

Tuition for Siblings
Families will receive a $250 discount for the second child enrolled and a $500 discount for the third child enrolled. Any additional children from one family will attend tuition-free. A fee of $400 for school insurance, books and materials, and technology for each non-tuition-paying child in K-12 is required.

Financial Aid
Families seeking financial assistance must complete the online FACTS financial aid application.  The online application must be completed after you have submitted your Application for Admission.
A $30 fee is charged per application.

Payment PlansPicture 400
1.  Payment in full by July 1
2.  Semi-annual—half of tuition paid by July 1, with second half paid by January 5
3.  Monthly payments through FACTS over a ten or twelve monthly period. The first monthly payment is due in July.

After-School Extended Care
After-school care is available from dismissal until 5:30 p.m.  Option includes: full-time (4 or 5 days/week) for $57/week; regular part-time (2-3 days per week) for $52/week; half-day occasional for $42/half day; and occasional care for $37/day.

Athletic Fee
$100 each student per sport for 1–2 student(s)
$50 for additional sibling(s) participating in a sport that season
$50 Spring season sport fee if student participated in a Fall and Winter sport

School Bus Service
Bus service to Bedford is available for an annual fee. A minimum of 15 students each way is required.
One child: $650 (one-way); $950 (two-way)
Two children: $850 (one-way); $1250 (two-way)
Three children: $1050 (one-way); $1550 (two-way)

College Dual-Enrollment
Holy Cross is fortunate to offer dual enrollment courses through Central Virginia Community College (CVCC) and Lynchburg College. Students who take courses at CVCC will pay the discounted tuition directly to Holy Cross School. Students who take courses at Lynchburg College pay the college directly.

On-Line Courses
Students will pay a fee for on-line courses. Fees vary with the online provider and parents will be informed of the cost prior to registration for the course.

Additional Fees
Driver Education Fee: $125
Graduation Fee: $125
Lunch (estimated): $2.50–$4.50 per day
Retreat Fee: $50–$100 depending on grade level
Band/Orchestra Fee (estimated): $350 per year