High School

Our high school offers a rigorous college preparatory curriculum that encourages creativity, independence, and curiosity. Our curriculum enables our students to develop their individual talents and abilities and provides the encouragement needed to become a lifelong learner. A tradition continued from middle school is our monthly Club Day, an opportunity for our students to continue exploring their interests and further develop their leadership skills. At Holy Cross, we are preparing our students for success in college and beyond.

To view the high school curriculum, please visit Office of Catholic Schools Curriculum.

Course Offerings
9th Grade: Christology & New Testament
10th Grade: Moral Theology
11th Grade: Ecclesiology and Sacramental Theology
12th Grade: Capstone Theology

Social Studies
9th Grade: Early Civilizations of the Modern World
10th Grade: Nationalism to the Modern Age
11th Grade: U.S. History–Survey & Exploration through Post World War II Era
11th Grade: Advanced Placement U.S. History (5.0)
12th Grade: U.S. Government-Study of Federal, State and Local Governments
12th Grade: Advanced Placement U.S. Government (5.0)

Algebra I
Algebra II
Algebra Trigonometry
Honors Algebra II Trigonometry (4.5)
Honors Geometry (4.5)
Honors Pre-Calculus (4.5)
A.P. Statistics (4.5)
Advanced Placement Calculus AB and BC (5.0)

9th Grade: English/Literature 9
10th Grade: English World Literature 10
11th Grade: Honors English
12th Grade: British Literature
12th Grade: Advanced Placement English  Literature(5.0)

Environmental Sciences
Biology II
Dual Enrollment Biology 101 & 102 (4.0)
Honors Chemistry (4.5)
Honors Physics (4.5)

Foreign Language
Spanish I-III & Honors Spanish IV and V
Latin I-III & Honors Latin IV and V

Health/Physical Education
Health 9 & 10
Driver’s Education
Physical Education 9 & 10

Economics & Personal Finance online (required for graduation)

Community Service

Dual Enrollment Psychology through Central Virginia Community College (taught at Holy Cross)
Computer Science
Studio Art
Desktop Publishing/Yearbook
Dual Enrollment through Lynchburg College (taught at Lynchburg College 8:00am to 8:50am); offerings vary year to year

Dual Enrollment Psychology 200 (taught of Holy Cross)

Dual Enrollment Psychology 215 (taught at Holy Cross)




Online Economics and Personal Finance are required for graduation*


NOTE; The School reserves the right to cancel or postpone courses for which inadequate enrollment, lack of physical facilities, a unavailability of teacher necessitates such action.