RenWeb, our integrated web-based student portal, allows parents the ease to communicate with their child’s teacher, the opportunity to view their child’s grades and progress reports, view all important school announcements and so much more.

To access RenWeb, please make sure that the school has your current email address.  If you need to update your information, please contact Mrs. Fran Harvey.

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What is RenWeb?

A web-based program that shares information with the school community via one unified school information system.

  • All parents/guardians (PK–12th grade) have access to the parent and staff directory. The school also utilizes RenWeb for enrollment every year.
  • Parents/guardians and students in 6th–12th grade have access to attendance, course syllabi, class assignments, grades, and report cards.

How do I sign up?

If you are a parent/guardian enrolling a new student at Holy Cross School or a student in 6th–12th grade you can sign up via the RenWeb link above. All current parents have an account because they used RenWeb at enrollment.

Please note: Your email address must be in the school database before you can sign up.

What is the school ID for Holy Cross School?

HC-VA (make sure there are no spaces)

What do I do if I forgot my RenWeb password?

Click on the “Forgot Password?” on the login screen

Does RenWeb have an app for smart phones?

Yes! RenWeb Home for the iPhone/iPad/Android is available from your app store. RenWeb Home provides access to ParentsWeb for an annual subscription of $4.99 per household. Communicate easier with other school parents and faculty through your smart phone’s integration with the school directory, allowing you to tap and send emails or make phone calls instantly to directory listings.

Should parents share their account with their child(ren)?

No. Parents and students (in 6th-12th grade) should have separate accounts.

Can students in 6th-12th grade have their own access to RenWeb?

Absolutely. Every 6th-12th grade student must have a separate RenWeb account. Students should use their Holy Cross School email address to login to RenWeb.

The school has my name and email address, but my email address does not seem to be working, what do I do?

Email your name, phone number, and email address directly to Fran Harvey at with a message that your email address for login does not seem to work. She will verify your email address and get back with you.

Can I change my password?

Yes. After your first login to RenWeb, click on Family Information, then Username/Password.

How can my password change, if I did not change it?

Remember, anyone who has your email address and RenWeb password has the ability to change the password.

Who else can see my family demographic information?

Only persons in your own family, your student’s teachers, and Holy Cross School admin and support staff.

How often can I expect assignments and grades to be updated? (6th-12th grade only)

Teachers post assignments and grades to RenWeb at different times. If you see grades in RenWeb for some teachers but not others, this is a normal function of the way teachers assign and post grades. The number and frequency of assignments varies in each course and by each teacher. Teachers also need time to grade, and some assignments such as essays and research papers take longer to grade than others. With that in mind, please be patient. All teachers do their best to grade their students’ work and communicate their progress in a timely manner.

Do all teachers use the same grading system? (6th-12th grade only)

Each teacher chooses has his/her own grading system. Some teachers work on a straight points system while others weight the scores according to assignment categories (homework, tests, quizzes, etc.). Some teachers give credit for class participation while others do not. Our teachers inform all of their students at the beginning of the course of their expectations and grading scheme. It is very important for parents to read the grading information contained in the class syllabus—also available on RenWeb.

What should I do when a concern arises about a score or grade that appears in RenWeb? (6th-12th grade only)

  • Talk with your child first. Ask him/her about the situation that is surrounding his/her grade(s)
  • Review the course grading system of the teacher. This may answer the question of why the student has received the grade or explain how the assignments add up to the current average.
  • Check to see if there is an assignment description. If the assignment is listed in blue on the Homework Summary page, you can click on the link for more detailed information. This may help to clarify what was involved or expected for a particular assignment.
  • Check the date of the assignment. An assignment handed in late may receive deductions from its score.
  • In trying to verify a class, be sure to check if there are any missing or late assignments that could be affecting the overall grade average.
  • If a discrepancy is found, please send an email to the attention of the teacher.