All students attending Holy Cross are required to wear our school uniform during school hours.  The Catholic School uniform symbolizes self discipline and association with the community, as well as each individual’s equality in the eyes of God. On occasion, our students are allowed a free dress day which are announced in advance.  Although our students are not in the official school uniform, we require that they dress respectfully in clothing that reflects the Christian values of our school.  Students who are dressed inappropriately will be required to change into attire more suitable for our school setting.DSC_0542

Please see our Parent-Student Handbook regarding uniform specifics.

Purchasing School Uniforms
Our uniform provider is Flynn & O’Hara and items may be purchased throughout the school year by selecting the Holy Cross School portal.  Students may still wear items from our previous vendor as part of their school uniform.

  • Gently used school uniform pieces are available throughout the year in the front office for just $5 per piece.

Outer Wear
Students are able to wear Holy Cross emblem clothing as a part of their uniforms such as sweatshirts (no hoodies during school hours) and fleece. These items are available for purchase at the front office and through Flynn & O’Hara.